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web video downloaderFlash is by far one of the most popular formats because with it people can create, view, and share videos a lot easier. Flash videos are usually smaller in size, which means that they are Internet friendly, and you can always find them on video sharing websites, such as YouTube. Sometimes though, you don’t want to rely on an Internet connection to watch your favorite videos, so that’s why it comes in handy to have a video download application


1. Downloader for General Flash Videos

2. Specific Tool for YouTube

3. Hulu Video Solution

4. Yahoo Solution

5. BBC News Video Solution

6. YouKu Video Solution

7. MetaCafe Clip Solution

8. More Valuable Articles

1. General Flash Download

Flash videos can be found anywhere on the web and downloading them can be quite easy if you have the proper tools for it.

If you want to download general flash from sites, then we recommend that you use Video Download Capture. This one of a kind application is integrated with millions of sites so it will be able to download just about all flash content you can find online. It even features an automatic detector that will automatically start downloading videos when you stream them, something that is really nice.

i. Browser Downloader

FireFox Flash Downloader is a good alternative for those persons that want to download videos through the use of a Firefox extension. It’s fast and really easy to use, so we do recommend that you try it.

Chrome FVD Downloader is one of the most popular Chrome extensions when it comes to downloading general flash. It’s easy to install and it provides complete support for a plethora of formats, which is really neat.

ii. Software Downloader (Supports 100+ Video Sites)

Here we recommend a one-stop solution to handle the video clips on all streaming sites (Including the sites as described beneath this part) - Video Downloader Pro. This tool comes with an intuitive interface as well as handy options for video downloads, conversion, management and even mobile synchromization. Just get a free trial from below and you will be able to grab tons of clips for free (Both Win and Mac are available).

banner of the program solutionflash video download on windowsparallel version for mac

If you are a Mac user, you may also look for an alternative solution - EVOM. This one of a kind tool has an amazing interface and it allows you to drag and drop or even convert videos without any hassle. With its help you will be able to watch the flash videos you want anywhere, without any restrictions.

iii. Online Video Downloader

Clip Converter is an online solution, you just have to place the media URL and then place continue, the app will take care of everything else. Catch Video is Java based, so you do need to have Java installed on your computer. Other than that, it works pretty much like any other online based video downloader.

Also don't forget to check for our site's video downloader - a tool that's readily to use from below. You only need to input the URL of a video clip and hit the button.

Note: Mind to enable Java Applet to access the tool. You will often be presented with several formats to download the video clip, just choose a proper one you need.

As extra tips, also check into the essays for you to grab flash videos as follows:

Download videos via URL: downloading your desired videos will just need a URL and that's it.

Convert URL Videos: convert any Interent videos with their URLs for different platforms and devices.

Video Clips Downloader: video Clips can be well preserved to your hard drive by reading through this article.

Top free Video Downloader: Do you wonder the more suitable video downloader for your specific needs? Find the reviews of up to 25 tools in this article and get the best choice for yourself.

2. YouTube Flash Download

If you want to download flash videos from YouTube, you should check out Keepvid, Zamzar or sites like Zamzar in order to get the dedicated applications that will make your whole downloading experience a lot easier and faster. Actually, nearly all video downloading solution support YouTube but may not handle the videos from other sites.

banner of youtube

3. Hulu Video Stream Download

logo of huluHulu is a website where you can stream videos, movies, webisodes, trailer, clips and numerous other multimedia contents on your computer. The downside here is that you will have to pay a subscription monthly in order to watch the same videos. Thankfully, this problem can easily be solved with the help of Video Downloader Pro as well. Again, this solution which can be found at the above part. The application is very fast, reliable and it just requires you to install it, paste the desired Hulu link in it and the video will be downloaded so you can watch it at a later time.

An interesting alternative comes in the form of Stream Transport, an application that you can install to specifically download videos from this site. The Windows and Mac support, as well as good speed make it a viable alternative when it comes to downloading from Hulu.

All of these solutions, except for StreamTransport work on multiple platforms, something that indeed is really useful for all video enthusiasts which own a Mac for example. Check for detailed guides:

Download video from Hulu: want to get the latest TV programs from Hulu to your hard drive? Check here.

How to Watch Hulu Outside US Free: learn about how to overcome the limitation of regional restriction set by Hulu and watch videos on it without hassles.

4. Yahoo Videos

An interesting solution when it comes to downloading flash videos online is to be able to download from Yahoo Videos. This is the place where you can find a ton of relevant, unique content so being able to store it on your computer is indeed amazing.

videos on yahoo

You have multiple alternatives when it comes to downloading videos from Yahoo, and Video Download Capture is one of them. Moreover, you can also opt for our online solution as mentioned above. It just requires you to add the URL for the video and wait until the process is completed.

Of course, you also get another option in the form of Ultraget, which is a reliable and very easy to use tool for downloading any online videos, including the ones from Yahoo! Then there’s also Keepvid if you want something that’s close to VideoGrabber when it comes to functionality! Detailed instructions can be read here:

Yahoo Music Downloader: Yahoo Music is another platform for users to download appealing songs for free.

Download Yahoo Videos Online: used to be the largest video sharing site while it still has the stuffs you need.

5. BBC News Video

BBC is one of the most reputable news websites you can find in the whole world and on their site you can find everything from exclusive news to trailers and numerous others. The video content here is very good and being able to download then share it with your friends is indeed recommended.

news videos on bbcDownloading for this site can be quite tricky, and not that many applications do offer support for it. This is why the best thing to do in this regard is to make sure that you have the Video Downloader Pro. Thanks to its integration with millions of websites, Video Download Capture can seamlessly download the videos you need, fast and with complete precision.

You can also download videos from BBC with the help of DownloadHelper on Firefox. This browser extension can quickly detect and capture the videos according to your own needs. The extension doesn’t break the protection of the sites in any way, it just makes it easy for you to access the content you want faster. Read the articles below:

Free BBC Video Downloader: get appealing videos from BBC news and play them with your gadgets at anywhere.

6. YouKu Video Clips

youku video clips

YouKu is simply the largest streaming site in China and there you can view anything from TV series to movies, music, music videos and so on. The best thing about the site is that it doesn’t come with any limitations, instead you are free to upload your videos no matter how large they are. Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t access it from other regions due to copyright restrictions, so you need to use either a VPN service or a YouKu video downloader. Check for the guide to learn how to download from YouKu.

Download Videos from Youku: get appealing videos from China's No.1 streaming video site and put them on your ipad.

Also, this site allows you to seamlessly download all streaming videos from YouKu and while it might not be the fastest service out there, it does get the job done in the end. There are some interface problems with it, but once you get past them the app will certainly serve its purpose.

7. MetaCafe Video Streams

logo of metacafeThis is a video sharing site that is specialized in short videos that are distributed among different categories spanning from sports to music, video games, TV and many, many others. While at first this site has been quite similar to sites such as DailyMotion or YouTube for example, as time passed he transitions into a great place to find short videos for your entertainment.

There are lots of funny videos stored on MetaCafe, so being able to download video from here is just a great way to provide offline entertainment. You can use Download MetaCafe for example, since all you need to do is to enter the URL of your page, press the Download button and then wait until the whole process is complete.

You can also choose to opt for SaveVid.com, which is a great website with fast download speeds. Using the site is really intuitive so you won’t have a problem downloading small or large videos alike since there isn’t any restriction.

savevid.com front page

If you still have issues in this part, rest assured, there's a specific guide for you.

Download MetaCafe Videos: MetaCafe is full of video clips for entertainment, fun and fashional things.

8. More Valuable Articles

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Comedy Video Downloader: Are you getting tired with the daily trivialities or works? Do you want to relax your mood by watching comedy videos? Here we have reviewed the best sites that provide such videos for you. It also reveals the tricks on downloading such clips to your desktop or mobile for viewing offline.

As you can see, depending on the platform you want to download videos from, there are lots of options you can select. It all depends on how fast and how many videos you want to download. In addition, you must also think about convenience, since some people like to download via websites, while others want a dedicated application. Video Downloader Pro is certainly one of the best solutions when it comes to downloading from all the online video platforms listed above, so if you want a reliable tool which will help you get the job done really fast, then this is the option you should consider immediately!

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