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Top Free Online Video Downloader Reviews

All of the video websites contain millions of videos in their libraries, but most of them don't give you the option to save them locally and that when you need an online video downloader. With millions of videos being uploaded every day to all of the online video websites sometime you need to have a video to use a clip in a presentation, or to watch with someone that doesn't have internet access, or maybe you just want to keep the clip of your friend winning an award. For whatever reason that you need the online video clips saved locally, here are the solutions for how to download online videos.


1. Our Recommendation

2. Keepvid Downloader

3. YouTube By Click

4. 1-Click YouTube Downloader

5. DownloadHelper for FireFox

6. Other Substitutes

7. Video Downloader Software

I. Our Site's Online Video Downloader

When it comes to Free Online Video Downloader, the first to go is our site's application. You can simply utilize it on this page with brief instructions. It's probably the fatest way to grab a video which you come across - that's also why we put it here (Press F5 on keyboard to refresh the page if you cannot see it).


Copy and paste the link of a web video to this field, click "Download" and let the application detect video source (A reminder for you to turn on Java Applet will pop-up when using this service and it will not merge again anymore). You will then be given several output options including FLV, MP4, MOV, etc. Choose a format among them, right-click on the download icon next to it, and then select "Save link as". In so doing, you can get the video saved with chosen format in the download directory of your browser. That's it.

Note: If you cannot see this application above, please press "F5"+ "Ctrl"for Windows/"Command"+ "R"for Mac to reload it on the page.

There're also some well-known applications which perform free download service through Internet. You can find below the evaluations and verdicts of each one.

II. Keepvid - Online Video Downloader Free

Keepvid.com is a free online video downloader website that allows you to download videos such as YouTube with a single click. To download a video just copy and paste the URL that contains the video that you wish to download into the textbox on the top of the simple keepvid.com website and then click download. Be sure to click the download link that is right beside the textbox on the right, as the big green and blue buttons are ads!


the good Simple, no software, free online video downloader.
the badSaving file doesn't come with any options - .flv, fixed resolution.

Explore futher into Keepvid and take control of it by visitng the selected articles:

Keepvid Alternatives

Keevid for Mac

Other Websites Like Keepvid

III. YouTube By Click - Downloading with Toolbars

If you want to make the process a little bit easier and are okay with installing a toolbar into your browser than youtubebyclick.com may be what you are looking for in a free video downloader. No matter what browser you are using you can download and install this toolbar to have the option to download videos at one click from all of your favorite websites. Once this free video downloader toolbar is installed, which even comes with a radio, all you have to do is enter in the link or search a video and then click on the download button for either audio or video.

youtube by click

the good Simple, always available when browsing, one click to download, download different formats.
the badInstallation required, only mp3 and mp4 options for formats.

Learn key features of YouTube By Click :

YouTube by click

IV. 1 Click YouTube downloader - 1 Click solves everything

1 Click YouTube Downloader is a great free online video downloader. The paid options increase the video formats from a few to over 25 options, which makes this online video downloader the most capable but also most expensive. The free video downloader version does a great job at downloading videos and is quite fast compared to similar apps.

1 click download youtube

the good Most options, fastest downloads, useful for Macs or PCs, downloads in HD
the badExpensive for options, requires installation locally, may have too many options

V. DownloadHelper FireFox Extension

downloadhelper plug-inDownloadHelper is an effective way to discover many sites which show web videos from all over the world. As a free FireFox extension, this compact tool lets you simple click an icon to download any video you stream with FireFox browser. Featuring nice compatibility, this tool enables you to download from almost all the popular video sites. However, this tool only comes with FireFox, so if you're looking for tool similar to DownloadHelper for Mac Safari, you may check the answers in related article.

VI. Other Online VIdeo Downloaders

Despite the well-known solutions as described above, we have also evaluated several best video downloader free while you could view details by clicking the links.

Top 3 online downloader - There're many video downloader saturating internet, but only a few of them are free of payment, ads, subscription, etc. Here we have evaluated the best ones for saving your time.

YouTube Video Ripper Online - Looking for a way to rip YouTube videos to MP3, MP4 or other formats for enjoying offline? Here you could find the best answers.

Video Grabber for Mac Alternative - Video Grabber is a gorgeous site giving both free downloader app and video search engine. However, it's not supposed to work on Mac system, but Mac users can look for the tools specially designed for Mac.

Web Sites Like Zamzar - Unlike other video downloader sites, Zamzar features lets you download in much more video formats conveniently, but may require your email address to deliver the link to get downloaded video. Therefore, we have also reviewed some sites which may be better than Zamzar in some aspects.

Savevid Free Download Software / Review of Savevid Alternative Solutions - Savevid is a website which is similar to Clip Converter, Keepvid, etc, providing the video downloading service. In this two essays, we have not only reviewed the overall performance of this tool, but also picked some substitutes for you to choose flexibly.

Video2mp3 Free Download Convert - Evaluating a collection of free video to MP3 tools based on Win/Mac platforms.

Alternative to Clip Converter - Clip Converter offers the essential conversion function for dealing with videos on a few platforms but not covers that many. Thus, we have also reviewed some better solutions.

Alternatives to Listen to YouTube - Liten to YouTube is a cool site which provides free YouTube conversion service for millions of users, but it sometimes seems to be quite simple that you're unable to find other format options, so please check into alternatives if you need it.

Websites that convert YouTube to MP3 - The easiest way to convert audio from playing YouTube videos is probably using a website which provides such tools, find the best ones here.

Youtube-MP3.org Alternatives - Check the better solutions other than this site and download videos in just any formats.

Dirpy Alternatives - Find better video to MP3 converter rather than Dirpy in this essay.

Youtube to 3GP Online - Reviews of free onine apps for you to turn YouTube videos to 3GP.

Youtube to MP3 Online - Evaluation of online applications that can extract MP3 audio from YouTube videos.

Savefrom Alternatives - Websites and sofware applications that can come over the drawbacks of savefrom.net, a popular video download site.

VII. Video Downloader Software

If you don't mind downloading some software, one of the fastest and most featured ways is to use software video downloader. Although the name doesnt reference any other websites it does download from all of the video websites. Once installed it is simply a matter of feeding this free video downloader a link and pressing download. There is a paid version that will let you save with more options but the free version does amazing work.

take win trialtake mac trial

the good Robust with lots of options, has ability to continue after dropped internet connection, simple
the badNeeds installation and acquires some time to go through advanced options.

In addition to downloading YouTube videos, this tool also covers many other sites. Learn comprehensive guide together with background knowlege for downloading videos from the other famous video sharing sites below.

Download Dailymotion videos

Download video from Vimeo

Moreover, don't forget to check the top 3 music video sites from which you can get the hottest music as MV at no cost. Finally, review the content of this article again within the demo if you like.

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